6 Harmful Allergens Lurking in Your Upholsteries

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Most homeowners spend hours vacuuming and mopping their floors and carpets. Unfortunately, couches are always left out during the general cleaning of your home. Upholstered furniture is used every day and hence it is a no-brainer that it can accumulate millions of harmful allergens.

Your couches and upholsteries are home to dangerous bacteria and allergens that don’t just affect your health but can also damage your furniture affecting its lifespan. If you have been neglecting couch cleaning, it is important to start paying attention to its regular and professional cleaning.

Continue reading to know more about the dangerous allergens lurking inside your upholstered furniture!

Dust and Pollen     

  • Dust is the most common pollutant found almost everywhere inside your home including your precious couches. Dust and pollen can settle on your upholstery during vacuuming, or even when you keep the windows open.
  • Over time, dust can make your couches appear shabby and old. Additionally, pollen and dust can also trigger allergic reactions making your life miserable. That is why it is important to avail regular upholstery cleaning Hobart to make sure your couches remain clean and dust-free.
  • Aside from regular professional couch cleaning, make sure to vacuum clean your upholstery at least twice a week for preventing dust and pollen accumulation.

Bacteria and Virus

  • Your couches are home to millions of harmful bacteria and viruses. These bacteria and viruses are sometimes brought from outside while most of the time developing due to a lack of regular cleaning.
  • Stains, food crumbs, greasy fingers, and airborne viruses can easily settle on your upholstered furniture. As you spend a lot of time sitting and relaxing on your couches you can easily get attacked by these harmful viruses.
  • Kids and pets remain at high risk of being infected or falling sick because of these germs. Therefore, if you have been neglecting sofa cleaning Hobart, make sure you call the professionals as soon as possible.


  • The sad reality of humid environments and warm climates is mould growth on upholstery and couches. Being made from absorbing the material it can easily remain damp for a long time.
  • And dampness can easily give rise to mould growth. And once moulds start spreading on your couches, they can leave ugly black stains and release a foul odour. Aside from deteriorating your couches, moulds can also cause several health problems.
  • People with allergies can have breathing issues, skin irritation, sore eyes and many other health-related issues. Ensure your couches never get moulded with regular professional fabric sofa cleaning Hobart!

Dust Mites

  • Dust mites are found in couches, pillows, cushions, beds and even carpets. These are tiny organism that feeds on dead cells shed by humans and pets. Present in millions, dust mites can become airborne and cause several health issues while affecting your indoor air quality.
  • Protecting your loved ones from dust mites is important. And, you can achieve that with regular lounge cleaning Hobart. Feel free to hire professionals regularly, if you are allergic to dust mites. Aside from relying on professionals, regular vacuuming is highly recommended for keeping a healthy environment in your home!

Chemical Residue

  • While many homeowners rely on store-bought cleaning products for sofa stain removal Hobart many on the other hand hire cheap couch cleaning companies. Either is not an ideal way of treating your couches, if you want them to last long.
  • Store-bought cleaning agent contains harsh chemicals that can easily damage your upholstery. Furthermore, when couches are cleaned at home, some residue and toxins can always be left because of a lack of tools and machines.
  • These toxins can easily take a toll on your health and trigger allergic reactions causing skin irritation, rashes, sore eyes, runny nose and so on. So, to prevent these health problems and damage to your couches, ensure you hire a reliable couch cleaning Hobart company.

Grease and Oil

  • Grease and oil can easily remain trapped in the upholstery. From everyday cooking to spills and accidents oil and grease are transferred and absorbed by upholsteries regularly.
  • These oil and grease act as dirt magnets. Your upholstery can appear shabby and attract bacteria and dust frequently. Therefore, it is important to avail regular upholstery cleaning Hobart so you can keep your couches fresh and spotless for a long time!

Final Words

These dangerous allergens keep lurking in your valuable couches. To keep your home safe, and allergen-free make sure to try leather upholstery cleaning Hobart at home or hire professionals regularly!

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